A next-generation AI assistant for your tasks, no matter the scale
Claude can be a delightful company representative, a research assistant, a creative partner, a task automator, and more. Personality, tone, and behavior can all be customized to your needs. Claude can handle a variety of tasks, including customer service, legal, coaching, search, back-office, and sales. Claude is available 24/7, and users describe Claude’s answers as detailed and easily understood, and they like that exchanges feel like natural conversation. Claude is built with skills that can be combined to simplify even the most complex tasks like processing mountains of text, having natural conversations, automating workflows, and more. Claude ensures speedy and friendly resolution to customer service requests, saving costs and increasing customer satisfaction. Claude is a helpful and trustworthy AI assistant thanks to Constitutional AI and harmlessness training. Claude can be incorporated into any product or toolchain with minimal effort via standard APIs, and Claude uses industry-standard best practices for data handling and retention, so you can trust Claude to represent your company and its needs. Anthropic offers two versions of Claude: Claude and Claude Instant. You can learn more about Claude's pricing, language support, constitutional training, and customization on the website.