Polarr Copilots

AI Copilots for every aesthetic
Polarr Copilots transform text prompts into stunning photo, video and design edits which can be fine-tuned to perfection. The product includes Photo Editing Copilot, Video Editing Copilot and Design Copilot. The Copilots feature background edits, color adjustments, object selection, face tracking, filter discovery, overlays, face editing (coming soon) and erasing (coming soon). The Copilots use community-generated edits to improve their performance and they create high-resolution outputs suitable for broad use cases. The Copilots are designed to help Polarr creators make filters faster, achieve desired edits easier and allow them more creativity. They also include protective measures to prevent generation of harmful or unsafe edits. Users can try the Polarr Copilot for image editing and the 24FPS Copilot for video editing in beta version. For more details, see the Community Guidelines.