This repository contains Stable AI's ongoing development of language models for natural language processing.
The StableLM repository contains a series of language models developed by Stability AI, trained on the new dataset, and continuously updated with new checkpoints. Currently, the StableLM-Alpha models are available, based on the Pile dataset, with 3B and 7B parameters, and will soon be followed by 15B and 30B models. StableLM-Tuned-Alpha, a fine-tuned model using a combination of five recent datasets for conversational agents, is available for chat. The models are hosted on Huggingface hub. A user can run inference using limited GPU capabilities with the help of a provided code snippet. The base model checkpoints are licensed under the Creative Commons license, while the fine-tuned checkpoints are licensed under the Non-Commercial Creative Commons license. The code in the repository is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 license.